Company spirit:
Pragmatism, integrity, professionalism, innovation
Companies operating purposes:
Market-oriented, technology-driven, quality of protection, at the cost of the core, the integrity of the business, providing customers with the most suitable products.
Core Values​​:
Social value is higher than the economic value, human value higher than the value of the team is higher than the value of their personal values ​​and long-term value is higher than the recent value.
Become the leading home appliance companies in electronics, electrical accessories product manufacturers and service providers, and customers a shared value.
Company mission:
As household electronics, electrical accessories supplier, we will provide customers with high quality, low cost, convenient products and provide excellent service in a timely manner.
Company business objectives:
In household electronics, electrical accessories and processing quality, so the industry's best, to maintain sustained profitability and growth capacity, by encouraging employees to develop their potential, to achieve the best performance.
Our quality policy:
Customer first, quality first, quality service and continuous improvement.